•  A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.
  • For 1 day workshops, the remaining balance is payable 14 days prior to the workshop date unless otherwise stated. If full payment is not received by the specified date, WBN reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and retain the deposit.
  • If a booking for a 1 day workshop is made within 14 days of the workshop date, the full amount shall be payable at the time the booking is made.
  • Receipt of a deposit does not form a contractual booking. Acceptance of your booking will be confirmed in writing and it is at the time WBN sends out this confirmation that a contract comes into existence between us.
  • A cancellation made by the Participant must be done so by email or in writing.
  • When a workshop is cancelled 30 or more days before the date of the workshop the non-refundable deposit will be retained by WBN.
  • If the cancellation is made less than 14 days of the workshop date the full cost of the workshop and will be retained by WBN.
  • WBN reserves the right to make amendments to the itinerary of any scheduled workshop. In the event that an amendment substantially alters the itinerary of a workshop, the

Participant will be notified and offered a choice of:

  1. accepting the amendment;
  2. booking a place on an alternative workshop (any overpayment will be refunded);
  3. withdrawing from the contract and accepting a full refund of any money paid.
  • WBN reserves the right to cancel any workshop or trip should it not be deemed viable for any reason. The Participant will be notified and offered a choice of either:
  1. booking a place on an alternative workshop (any overpayment will be refunded)
  2. WBN endeavours to follow the advertised itinerary but with many variables including weather, wildlife availability etc, the Participant should understand that a reasonable amount of flexibility will be required with the itinerary. A workshop description is an indication of what is likely to take place at that workshop and not as a contractual obligation to provide the exact details of the description.
  • Wildlife photography can be physically strenuous; WBN does not accept responsibility or liability for death, physical injury, illness or any other harm caused to the Participant unless it arises from the direct negligence of WBN while acting in the course of their responsibilities for a workshop at which the Participant is fully paid up and taking part.
  • WBN does not accept responsibility for the loss of or damage to any items, personal effects, clothing, money, equipment, photographic or otherwise. 
  • WBN does not accept any liability for any loss or additional expense caused to the Participant by delay or interruption to travel services as a result of weather conditions, civil disturbance, industrial action, strikes, wars, floods, sickness, acts of god, or anything else out of WBN’s control and influence. Any such losses or additional expenses are the responsibility of the Participant.
  • Whilst every effort is made to locate and photograph wildlife on these workshops, we cannot guarantee that wildlife/photography subject matter will be present at any given location/time. On the rare occasion that no wildlife is seen on a workshop date, every effort will be made to provide an alternative workshop date at a discounted rate.
  • The welfare of wildlife subjects is of the utmost importance and WBN reserves the right to cancel or suspend any activity where WBN deems the behaviour of the Participant is or is likely to be unacceptably disturbing or injurious to the wildlife in question.
  • In the event of cancellation or suspension of an activity, due to the behaviour of the participant WBN reserves the right to cancel the contract with the Participant without refund of any of the Participant’s paid up workshop fees and shall not be liable financially or otherwise for its actions.
  • The Participant agrees to keep wildlife and workshop locations confidential in order to protect the wildlife and avoid disturbance.
  • The Participant must communicate any perceived failure in the fulfilment of this contract to WBN immediately so that the matter can be dealt with and remedied at that time. If a complaint arises after the workshop that could not have reasonably be dealt with at the time, the Participant should inform WBN in writing within 14 days of the perceived failure occurring.
  • By paying the deposit or full booking fee for a workshop, the Participant agrees to accept all of the conditions in this contract. If a separate party, or multiple parties pay for a workshop in part or in full on behalf of the Participant, that party or those parties will become jointly and severally bound by the contents of this contract.
  • It is not permitted to use locations visited on these workshops or tours to use, promote or market your own photographic workshops or tours. This restriction remains in place for 3 years from the date of your workshop.