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The “Not” Blogging Dodo

It’s been a couple of months since I wrote my last blog, with everything else going on it’s the one thing that slips off the list – yet it’s about the only way that I can share a part of me with you all (how lucky are you) along with the photography of course that helps me, help you, to get to know me!!

With nearly 5000 people – and I still find that staggering to believe – following my page, many of you I’ve never met or spoken to – yet without fail a fast majority take your time to like and comment on the images I share with you all.

You’d think the least I can do is spend a few minutes each week to tell you a bit more about what I’ve been up to and why – so apologies for being so tardy and I hope to improve on that from now on!

The fantastic thing about wildlife photography is it’s something anyone can do, not only does it get you out and about, but you start to get to know what’s living in your local neighbourhood.


The problem is as you get sucked into this exciting worm hole you start to want to see things that are not necessarily living in your local neighbourhood – then life becomes a bit more tricky.

We have four dogs and a cat in our family making holiday cottages and hotels slightly out of our reach – one dog or two we might get away with but when I start to real off the list and end on the cat it quite commonly results in a resounding “no” on behalf of the poor person I’m talking to.


So after much thought we have invested in our own little campervan, nick named The Dodo.

Now at this point I could spin you a yarn about the fact that it was man’s incompetence at introducing animals, such as pigs, dogs and rats into a foreign ecosystem, combined with the hunting and eating of the Dodo, that saw the delicate balance this little bird had enjoyed for so long destroyed, causing it to become extinct.

And how I hope through our campervan travels and my subsequent images that I share with people that I can highlight the importance of nature and the need for us all to care for it.

Now whilst all this might be very true, and very admirable, its not exactly why I picked the name “Dodo”.

Its more to do with how I feel when I’m driving it – due to its size and parking challenges.

You see ‘Dodo” translate to “Knot-Arse” which is pretty much the sensation I feel when I’m driving the beast !! Not quite so philanthropic is it!!!!


With this new found means of exploring the UK we headed off up to Yorkshire earlier this month and I was able to explore the coastline and visits Bempton cliffs which is a huge gannet breeding ground – absolutely stunning. 

I also had the pleasure of an RSPB boat trip out into the North Sea to view migrating birds – whilst we didn’t see a huge amount we were joined by the RNLI who undertook a training exercise alongside out boat – very exciting.


This new found freedom also offers me the opportunity to runs courses and photography walks for people living further away from my home county of sunny Sussex.


So if you fancy learning to use your camera out of automatic mode or you have a particular species you would like to capture – get in touch and I will see what I can do to help – who knows where the next break might take me

Exciting times

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