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Jean Rolfe is the photographer behind WBN and the Wild By Nature Blog. 

I can often be found walking the South Downs with my four dogs or cycling around the narrow lanes of West Sussex. I’m always looking for that next “wildlife” opportunity!

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The “Not” Blogging Dodo

It’s been a couple of months since I wrote my last blog, with everything else going on it’s the one thing that slips off the list – yet it’s about the only way that I can share a part of me with you all (how

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The Photographer’s Edit

To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop – that is the Question! Editing photographic images is a rather contentious issue. I think many believe that an image is and should be true to what the photographer saw – it is after all a moment of time

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Natural World Fox Hide

Fox Hide Photography – It’s Foxy Business!

Fox Hide Photography Mr Fox isn’t the easiest of creatures to photograph, especially if they are country born and bred, so fox hide photography can be the answer. Away from city lights they are shy and extremely reclusive, enjoying the peace and quiet of farmland

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The Natural World – One Touch

My Passion For The Natural World “One Touch of Nature makes the Whole World Kin”, this quote by William Shakespeare sums up my passion for the natural world and photography. Its so simple and so succinct way. It’s why I love photography so much. Photography allows

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Guild of Photographers

Guild of Photographers Submission I thought you might like to see the brief that I submitted along with my images in order to obtain my Qualified status with the Guild of Photographers. As follows: “One Touch of Nature makes the Whole World Kin” This quote

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